Elenor Training & Consulting is dedicated to providing a high level of professionalism as well as peace of mind for business owners.  Business owners can make better decisions when they are empowered with accurate and up-to-date financials. Since 2005, we have been helping small business owners with their bookkeeping needs. What started as a side job for the owner to bring in extra income to assist in providing for her daughter many years ago turned into entrepreneurship and was founded on the basic principles of integrity, reliability, quality and pursuing her gift. Peace of mind comes standard when you choose Elenor Training & Consulting.  We have helped countless clients excel, grow, and improve their business.

We are proud to offer cloud-based accounting solutions with QuickBooks Online. Helping with your QBO setup, training, clean up, and monthly bookkeeping needs. Committed to providing professional, confidential and personal attention to each client, no matter their geographic location.

A Little About The Owner

I’m first an unapologetic follower of Jesus Christ. I know firsthand how overwhelming and frustrating it can be to have a business and manage the financial books as a business owner. As the Founder & CEO of Elenor Training & Consulting with close to 2 decades of experience, I have helped countless small and medium sized construction industry business owners manage their bookkeeping needs, so that they can stay focused on building their business.

I’m blessed to have my own Bookkeeping firm, where we work one-on-one with our clients. Helping them understand the importance and purpose of keeping healthy financial books for their business all year round, not just at tax or audit time.

I personally am most active in assisting my team in being successfully thorough and detailed bookkeeping professionals.

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