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Bookkeeping Professionals for the Construction Industry

Elenor Training & Consulting is more than a name and a business. It can be explained this way… We desire with a sincere heart and a strong vision withinto help Construction business owners manage their bookkeeping for their business and be the best version of themselves that they so desire to be. What you receive when doing business with Elenor Training & Consulting is a genuine desire to help you and your business, not just getting to the next level, but to go beyond the level that you “thought” was your absolute best within your business and personally!

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Choose extraordinary with your Bookkeeping needs! We have chosen to be extraordinary, not average or ordinary by working with Residential Builders, Commercial Builders and General Contractors exclusively. This makes us extraordinary and unique in many ways. To assist us in learning more about your unique construction bookkeeping needs, please feel free to complete our Bookkeeping Questionnaire

If you’re looking to have a large bookkeeping firm manage your business bookkeeping, we are not for you. Our desire is to know each and every one of our clients when we see or speak to them. In order to have this unique vision, we know we aren’t able to take on every potential client. Nor is it our goal to take on every potential client. If you are looking for a small team of bookkeeping professionals that focus on the best strategies, benefits, and deductions for their clients along with consistently investing in educating themselves on the accounting standards for the Construction Industry only. We welcome you to take the first step in completing our Bookkeeping Questionnaire, to see if the needs of your business, lines up with the services that we offer and to verify if we are a good match in working together.

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We are Women who Bookkeep for the Construction Industry
So that you can stay focused on building a successful business!

Loved working with Elenor.  Very Professional.

Sarah T.

Elenor is very professional. She anticipates the needs of her clients. Before I could think of a problem, she already had a resolution. Will work with her again in the future. 

Tom W.